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Perfect to Use for:
Labor and Delivery Staff
Newborn Nursery Staff
Postpartum and Mother/Baby Staff
NICU Staff
Lactation Consultants
Midwives and OB/GYNs
OB/GYN Offices
Birthing Centers
Pediatrician Offices
Childbirth Education Classes Lactation Consult Services
Baby Registry Gift Bags
Informational Folders
It is a common concern for mothers and their families to feel there is NOT ENOUGH MILK coming out to feed their babies. Especially in the first hours after delivery.
First Feedings colostrum vials can help! Let this become the image we all think of when it comes to the first feedings of a newborn baby.
Along with other educational efforts, (such as hand expression of colostrum, belly beads, and educational posters,) the first feedings vial can give mothers and their families an accurate visual of how much colostrum is needed to fill a newborn's stomach. 
A first feedings vial can hang easily on a STAFF MEMBER'S ID BADGE for quick, convenient use when explaining milk production and what to expect with breastfeeding a newborn baby. 
To get a head start on breastfeeding education, a first feeding vial can even be attached to a GIFT BAG OR INFORMATIONAL FOLDER at prenatal visits, childbirth education classes, or hospital tours prior to delivery so mothers and their families can be informed and educated about colostrum and breastfeeding prior to their delivery.

DO NOT feed the contents of the vial to any newborn baby. It is intended to resemble colostrum and used as visual reference ONLY. It is not actual colostrum. DO NOT CONSUME

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